1)  Will the liners fit my toddler’s potty chair?

The liners will fit all potty chairs with a removable potty bowl.  The vast majority of potty chairs on the market are designed this way.  If you have a one piece potty chair, we cannot guarantee the liners will fit it.

2)  Are the liners safe for sewer and septic systems?

Yes, the liners are both sewer and septic safe.  They are made of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA), a water-soluble, 100% biodegradable material that begins to soften on contact with liquids, and will break down in the sewer or septic system.  If your house has old or damaged drains or a very sensitive septic system, we do not recommend flushing the liner.

3)  What if my house has a slow flush / low water toilet?

If that’s the case, it may take more than one flush for the liner to go down.  We suggest you wait a few minutes for the liner to soften in the water before flushing again.  The liners should be flushed one at a time.

4)  Can I dispose the liners in the trash can?

ToddleGreen Flushable Potty Liners are designed to be flushed for sanitary reasons.  However, since they are biodegradable and compostable (certified per ASTM D6400 Standards), they are still a green solution even if you dispose them in the trash.

5) Can the liners be reused?

No, the liners are single use only.  We don’t advise using the liners more than once since they are purposely designed to break down after a short period of being in contact with liquids.  This feature is to ensure flushability and safety for sewer and septic systems.

6)  Are there any special considerations to be aware of before using the liners?

Since the liner is water-soluble, any water residue on the potty bowl will start to dissolve the liner.  If the potty bowl is wet, we recommend you pour out any water residue and wipe the potty bowl dry before putting on the liner.  For best results, liner should be flushed immediately after use.  Leaving a used liner in the potty bowl for an extended period of time could result in moisture seeping through the liner.  If you notice moisture in the potty bowl after removing the liner, wash the potty bowl to thoroughly clean it.

7) Are ToddleGreen Flushable Potty Liners safe for my toddler’s skin?

Yes, skin contact with the liners is absolutely safe.  The material is non-toxic and free of BPA, PVC, and Phthalates.